Straight Waycoin presents our first contestants in a developing cyber dimensional confrontation.

We have "Live fast, die young"

versus the "Japanese cremation gods".

Watch it play out on the Battle Page


You can win Straight Waycoin and K9d7 by playing this basic quiz game. Contact the admin in the group, or practice solo.


K9d7 quiz game is behind this link

How to buy 50 Straight Waycoin immediately

It's a very reasonable price of only 10 Waves for every 5 coins




Send 50 Waves to this address 3PCUkzz1tbSUFQSkieRgE2fz3srzALnzFqg

Write "Website promo"in the message section of your Waves 



The challenge of the Straight Waycoin is to get them all.

All of them are for sale.

Do you think you can simply walk up and buy 99 million Straight Waycoin with cash?

We ask that all buyers not buy any of our coins on credit. 


Special security ledgers are available.

Waves may also be purchased here

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Straight Waycoin is on the Black Turtle Network.

Turtle Node is on the Waves Blockchain and you can also buy Straight Waycoin from them.

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